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Safe Neighborhoods

Essential city services like repairing streets, trimming trees, and keeping the lights on are core priorities for Bob Blumenfield. He’s a champion of getting the West Valley its fair share of city services. As chair of the Public Works Committee and a longtime member of the Budget Committee, Councilmember Bob Blumenfield has focused on the details of where the city spends its money and what the taxpayer gets for their dollar. Blumenfield works for policy that makes streets safer for kids walking to school, bicyclists commuting to work or enjoying a recreational ride, bus riders waiting for a transfer, and drivers district-wide. Notable accomplishments include:

  • Because there have been far too many crashes and fatalities in the West Valley, Blumenfield recently invested $100,000 for additional LAPD enforcement on speeding and street racing in district 3.

  • He added bike lanes and paths, traffic signals and stop signs, crosswalks, and other improvements to reduce crashes and injuries. 

  • Repairing sidewalks seems to take forever, but Blumenfield has brought the city departments to the table in committee to ensure they have a plan to fix the sidewalks and make progress faster. 

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