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Housing For All Stages of Life in the San Fernando Valley

Councilmember Bob Blumenfield has a balanced approach to building the new housing that the region needs so people can afford the rent, pay the mortgage, and have strong communities. He believes people should be able to live in the area they grew up in, and also be able to downsize later in life when a larger home is not longer the best option. 


  • Focusing more dense development in the Warner Center, he is protecting the traditional single family suburban character of the surrounding neighborhoods.

  • Taking advantage of incentives for ADUs or ‘granny flats’ so garage conversions or second units can be built for more affordable housing options.

  • Approving the construction of new senior housing facilities and memory care programs for those who want to stay close to family but need a higher level of care.

  • Protecting tenants from harassment and eviction, while providing financial assistance directly to property owners who have lost income from unpaid rent during the pandemic.

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