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Alex Padilla 

us senator

“Councilmember Bob Blumenfield fights for the people of the Valley every day. He has provided steady leadership during the COVID-19 pandemic and he has made safe neighborhoods a top priority. I’m proud to endorse Bob Blumenfield and urge Valley voters to re-elect him.”

sheila kuehl 

la county supervisor

“Bob Blumenfield has always paid attention to the details that are important to the people of the Valley. He holds City Hall accountable, and he isn’t afraid to tackle the most serious challenges we are facing, including homelessness. Bob has helped get hundreds of people without homes off the streets in the Valley and into care, shelter, and housing. Councilmember Bob Blumenfield is one of our very best public servants.”

Brad Sherman


“I support Councilmember Bob Blumenfield because he understands the concerns of Valley residents and the small businesses that are the economic engine for our region. Bob focuses on solving the most difficult challenges our city faces, cuts through City Hall bureaucracy, and delivers excellent constituent services.” 

tony cardenas


“Councilmember Bob Blumenfield rolls up his sleeves to get the job done. He’s brought innovative solutions to help address homelessness, such as cabin communities, which have helped get hundreds of people off the streets and into care. Bob Blumenfield has the integrity and work ethic we need fighting for the Valley at City Hall.”

howard berman

former Congressman

“Bob Blumenfield is a thoughtful and effective leader, and has always been one of the most detail-oriented policymakers and problem-solvers. Most important, Bob has integrity, and that is more important now than ever, as Los Angeles faces difficult crises. We need Bob Blumenfield’s leadership on the City Council, because he stands up for the voters, not the special interests.”

wendy greuel

former controller, councilmember and lahsa commissioner

“I’m proud to endorse Bob Blumenfield for re-election. Bob holds City Hall accountable to the needs of Valley residents by always being prepared and by involving the community in important decisions. And Bob Blumenfield is a problem solver who is always fair and has the integrity we need to get our city back on track.” 

Union and ORganzational Support

Council 36 Logo_color-01_edited.jpg
Communications Workers of America

Engineers and Architects Association

National Union of Healthcare Workers
SEIU 721

SEIU 2015

SEIU 121

Los angeles times
la county young democrats
VicA- Valley Industry & commerce association
Democratic Party of the San Fernando Valley- DPSFV
Valley Grassroots for Democracy
Action Democrats of the San Fernando Valley
LA Democrats for the Protection of Animals
Armenian National Committee of America - Western Region ANCA-WR
Southern California Armenian Democrats
HEart of LA Democratic Club
Avance Democratic Club

Additional Endorsements

Elected Officials

Former Elected Officials

Henry Stern

State senator

robert Hertzberg

State senator, Majority leader emeritus

Sydney Kamlager

State senator

Laura Friedman

State Assemblymember

Scott Schmerelson

Lausd board member

Nick Melvoin

Lausd board member

kelly gonez

lausd board member

Dr. Armond Aghakhanian 

Burbank Unified School District Board Member

Dennis Zine

la city councilmember ret.

Joy picus

la city councilmember ret.


greig smith

la city councilmember ret.

zev yaroslavsky

County supervisor ret.

wally knox

State assemblymember ret.

gray davis

governor of california ret.

Rick Tuttle

LA City Controller ret.

Rick Cole

Director, the center for new urbanism

local leaders and community members

debbie decker

executive director, West Valley Food Pantry


loraine lundquist

community leader, educator and scientist

laphonza butler

President, Emily's list

Stuart waldman

president, vica

john walker

president, woodland hills homeowners organization*

Harry sherman

board member, interfaith solidarity network

Diana williams

ceo and director, warner center-west valley chamber of commerce*

Leonard shaffer

president, Tarzana Neighborhood Council*

David garfinkle

tarzana neighborhood council*

Harvey goldberg

member, tarzana neighborhood council*

Sylvia patsaouras

President, la rec and parks commission*

Jerilyn Stapleton

president emirita, CA National Organization of Women and LACDP Vice Chair Region 2

Jennifer Conrad

founder and director, The Paw Project

Jim jensvold

president, la democrats for the protection of animals

Joyce Fletcher

President, Woodland Hills-Warner Center Neighborhood Council*

Patty Shenker

animal rights advocate and woodland hills resident

Janice kamenir-reznik

co-founder, jewish world watch; co-founder & Chair, Jews United for Democracy & justice

Jan Sobel

former president, boys & Girls club of the west valley*

martin cooper

chair emeritus, boys & Girls club of the west valley; former chair, vica*


cO-Chair, CA DEMOCRATIC PArty lqbtq caucus

michael sirota

president, canoga park improvement association


arlene alperT

providence cedar-sinai tarzana medical center


David Brooks

providence cedar-sinai tarzana medical center 


Carolyn uhri

president, San Fernando Valley Arts & cultural center*

Ann Bose

West Valley-Warner Center Chamber*

Wendy silver hale

patti Jo Wolfson

Mark Lambert

*Titles for Identification Purposes Only

In September, when leaders of the Los Angeles Police Protective League said they were supporting me, we believed that was their endorsement in addition to the maximum allowable contribution LAPPL made to my campaign. On May 19, we learned that I misunderstood, and that the contribution was given without endorsement. And because we were under the impression that both were given already, we did not request a formal endorsement interview in December and missed the window to go through their process. While we appreciate the support and maximum contribution, we now know that it does not represent a formal endorsement and have removed LAPPL from our endorsement list. I value the relationship I have with LAPPL and continue to support our LAPD officers and divisions as I always have.

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